Quality Policy

Our mission is to deliver a specialist service of the highest quality to our clients, within agreed deadlines and in line with well-established industry standards.

Our translation services are ISO 9001 certified, and our Quality Management Systems (QMS) are reviewed and updated regularly. We are also corporate members of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

For all translation projects, DWL’s strict quality control procedures involve:

  • Selection of translators and revisers who are best qualified to undertake the work.
  • Revision in full by a DWL-approved linguist – this is included in the cost of all DWL translation projects, unless agreed otherwise with the client.
  • In-house quality control, involving visual checks for complete translations of the source text, layout including graphics and symbols, compliance with the project requirements and any reference text.
  • Project management undertaken in-house by linguists trained in translation.
  • Document management: strict version control for 100% traceability at every step of the translation process.

The way we recruit our freelance linguists reflects our commitment to quality.

Many of the linguists we work with have a dual skill set: not only are they high-calibre translators, but they also have hands-on experience within the life sciences.

All translators and reviewers undergo rigorous evaluation before becoming Active translators in our database, and are closely monitored throughout their collaboration with DWL.

Our in-house medical expertise is overseen by Dr Iain Matheson, DWL’s Medical Director. A physician and experienced translator and editor himself, Dr Matheson offers consultancy and assistance with medical queries and linguistic problems, provides support to Project Managers, and assesses and monitors DWL’s global supply chain of translators and reviewers.

Clarity and Adaptability

We firmly establish customer requirements at the start of each project and maintain dialogue with our clients to ensure any ambiguities are clarified. This approach helps save time and reduce costs.

We pride ourselves on being helpful and flexible so that projects run as smoothly as possible.

Where applicable, DWL uses translation memory software to ensure consistency with previous document versions, as well as terminological consistency within the same file.

We also welcome collaboration with clients to establish termbases of preferred and project-specific terminology.