Other services

We go beyond translation to offer a comprehensive package of file processing services.

Below are some examples of the other services that DWL can offer.

If we can help you with any other language-related problem, please contact us to discuss further.


Literature reviews

DWL can review your foreign-language literature (as part of the systematic review process) and evaluate the content against a specially-designed questionnaire. We then extract and translate only the required information into your native language. This prevents time and money being wasted on the translation of materials that may not be relevant for the purposes of your review.

DTP & document conversion

DWL offers file conversions from one format into another (e.g. PDF into Word files), as well as the unlocking of uneditable files.
In the case of centralised procedures, we can handle the creation of a submission-ready file package which includes tracked and clean Word files, and bookmarked, QRD-compliant PDF files required for MAAs, upon request.

Linguistic validation

DWL applies its strict Quality Management System to all projects. However, we can also offer linguistic validation and other additional levels of file and translation quality control. This includes back translation and comparison against the original source text, multiple (simultaneous) translations or back translations and reconciliation, patient cognitive debriefing, or additional in-country reviews.

Consistency check

DWL conducts linguistic consistency reviews for various documents in a wide variety of languages. For example, this may be required to ensure that the Product Information of a medicinal product involving more than one strength and / or presentation is consistent from a linguistic standpoint across the file. This can be offered as a stand-alone service, or as part of file preparation for a larger EMA submission.

Proofreading and polishing

DWL offers proofreading and file editing services for a wide variety of clients in the life sciences sector, as well as in book-publishing or academia. Some examples of the projects we have undertaken include the polishing/editing of books and scientific papers by one of our medical editors to ensure the document is fit for publishing.

Language consultancy

DWL can advise on the intricacies of translating into a particular language. For instance, numbers (such as the shelf life of a medical product) cannot simply be changed in other languages, such as Slovene, as these carry a grammatical case that can cause the surrounding words to take different forms and endings. So beware of changing seemingly “small” things in your translated files – check with us and we will get it right.