Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

We have over 55 years’ experience in delivering world-class, tailor-made medical and pharmaceutical translations to the life sciences industry through efficient project management and ISO-certified quality control standards.

Medicine (and medical affairs) has its own terminology, jargon and conventions which can vary considerably across sub-specialisms. As a result, working with medical information requires in-depth knowledge and experience of the field, and a flexible approach to keeping up with wider developments.

We recognise that the life sciences industry is driven by interdisciplinary approaches and public engagement; one effect is that medicine is increasingly being shaped by engaging patients in a language that they understand.

Pharmaceutical Translation

The pharmaceutical industry revolves around the discovery, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of medicinal products. DWL works with industry stakeholders to bring pharmaceutical products to market through accurate translation and regulatory strategy.

DWL produces highly accurate clinical, regulatory and scientific translations, and in cooperation with a regulatory affairs consultancy, Asphalion, is able to offer both linguistic and regulatory support to ensure successful marketing authorisation for your product or device.

Document types

We offer support for a wide variety of texts, from ethics committee letters to full regulatory procedures in 24 languages. Detailed information about these services can be found on the regulatory affairs, clinical research and pharmacovigilance, and medical devices pages.

In addition to the above, some of the documents we translate most frequently include:


Hospital Documents

  • Medical history records: surgical history, medications and medical allergies, family and social history, growth charts and developmental history.
  • Medical encounters: hospital admission documentation, chief complaint, physical examination, assessments and plans.
  • Discharge summary reports.


Medical Research and Publishing

  • Medical and scientific papers
  • Medical textbooks
  • Abstracts
  • Monographs
  • Meta-analyses
  • Data sheets


  • Standard operating procedures
  • Batch manufacturing records
  • Patents
  • Validation documentation
  • Certificates of analyses


  • Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs)
  • Insurance policies and certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Government decrees

Marketing and Communications

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • User manuals
  • Company web pages
  • Presentations