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We specialize in the life sciences and pride ourselves on our expertise and considerable experience handling translations for leading industry stakeholders.

Life science firms drive innovation in global health. Global demand drives increasingly complex international frameworks with differing regulatory and compliance issues. Our innovative life science translation services and solutions ensure compliance and linguistic integrity while minimizing expense.

From a scientific perspective, the study of living organisms includes biology, microbiology, physiology, organic chemistry, and other health-related fields. From a business perspective, the term ‘life sciences’ is equally biotechnology, medical devices, clinical research, and more. All are distinct categories within the life sciences industry segment. Each has its own terminology, business processes, regulatory challenges, and subject-matter knowledge requirements.

No matter the category within life sciences, you only need one language partner to help you achieve your goals. We have more than 59 years of experience in providing language services to life science companies. We have developed a deep knowledge of the nomenclature, procedures, and best practices involved in bringing medicinal products and devices to market.

To deliver our life sciences translation services and solutions, we deploy linguists and project managers who are well-versed in every stage of commercialization. Our specialist translators also understand the clinical, regulatory, and governmental guidelines you need to follow to ensure your translated content is accurate, compliant, and appropriate for your target markets.

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