Translators and Reviewers

Translators and Reviewers

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DWL has built up a database of the highest quality, due not only to the language skills of our translators and reviewers, but also their extensive medical/scientific/legal knowledge and experience.


The DWL database consists of:

[headline]Medical and Pharmaceutical Translators and Reviewers[/headline]

  • [list type=star_list]
    • Professional translators specialised in the medical sciences
    • Physicians
    • Medical scientists
    • Chemists
    • Physicists
    • Other scientists



[headline]Legal Translators and Reviewers[/headline]

  • [list type=star_list]
    • Professional translators specialised in law and related topics
    • Lawyers
    • Financial and commercial specialists



All translators, following convention, are required to translate into their mother tongue only.

All newly recruited translators and reviewers are subject to DWL’s rigorous evaluation procedure and are continuously evaluated under the supervision of DWL’s Medical Director.

All translators and reviewers are required to sign confidentiality agreements.


[headline]Intensive Care Monitor[/headline]DWL’s connection with the publication Intensive Care Monitor (*) provides an active link with the medical profession, facilitating access to a wide circle of medical specialists whose expertise enriches DWL’s database of translators, reviewers and consultants.


(*) DWL’s sister company publishes Intensive Care Monitor – a bi-monthly current awareness journal for intensive and critical care physicians. This subscription publication brings together an international editorial board of acknowledged subject experts to quality-filter the literature, prepare extended abstracts and comment on those papers that impact on intensive care. For further details visit

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