Past, Present & Future

Past, Present & Future

[tabgroup] [tab title=”The Past” icon=”mini-ico-calendar”] Dora Wirth was born in Moscow in 1916. At the Counter Revolution in 1919, her family left for Warsaw and then onto Danzig where they lived until the late thirties.


Dora came to England in 1935 speaking Russian, French, German, Polish and English. She had a passion for languages from which she started earning a living just before the outbreak of World War II at the Daily Express newspaper monitoring the occasional speeches by Hitler and Stalin. During the war this became her full time job.


The monitoring service was based on Lord Beaverbrook’s estate at Cherkley in Surrey, England. Lord Beaverbrook was the proprietor of the Daily Express newspaper and a minister in Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet.


Dora was widowed at the age of 43. She established her translation agency, initially known as Eurolink Limited, in 1962. For various reasons she continued trading, from 1964, as Dora Wirth (Languages) Limited.


It was not just linguistic ability or a business sense or focus that were the secret of her success. It was a combination of all three harnessed by her great people skills.


On hearing of her passing away, many translators wrote to say how privileged they had been to have known her and worked with her. She knew many of them very well despite the fact that she only saw a few face to face. She always had time to hear both their work and personal problems. She was a counsellor before counselling became fashionable.


In 2013 DWL celebrated 50 years of providing companies in the pharmaceutical and life science industry with specialised translation solutions. [/tab] [tab title=”The Present” icon=”mini-ico-star”] In 50 years of providing translation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, DWL has witnessed changes such as: 


[list type=circle_list]

  • The virtual demise of the in-house translation department within pharma companies
  • The advance of technology from typewriter to state-of-the-art IT
  • The growth of both the internet and e-mail
  • The change in documentation for translation, especially for Marketing Authorisation Applications (MAAs)
  • The changing demand for target languages stemming from the establishment and growth of the European Union and currently the importance of emerging markets especially those of the BRICS economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

DWL’s business has grown through its flexibility and reliability, as well as a proven track-record of dedication to the life science industry, its in‑house medical expertise, and a strong commitment to quality and service. This is acknowledged by DWL’s many long-standing clients and is perhaps most clearly demonstrated by their frequent recommendation of DWL to others. [/tab] [tab title=”The Future” icon=”mini-ico-road”] DWL’s future is outlined in the article below that appeared in a Pharma.Focus Report on the UK pharmaceutical industry in the December 2011 edition of ‘Pharmaceutical Executive’.

“DW Languages – Rebuilding the UK Word by Word” published in ‘Pharmaceutical Executive’ December 2011″



To see all the articles from “UK Report” by published by Pharmaceutical Executive December 2011, click here.[/tab] [tab title=”Our Clients” icon=”mini-ico-certificate”] DWL is firmly established as a reliable partner to pharmaceutical and life science companies, with a client list consisting of (among others):


[list type=circle_list]

  • Pharmaceutical Companies – small, medium and large
  • Contract Research Organisations
  • University Clinical Trial Units
  • Regulatory Consultants
  • Clinical Research Consultants
  • Medical Publishers of books and journals [/list][/tab] [/tabgroup]

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