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Happy New Year.

We start 2021 full of hope and optimism that this year will be a positive [...]

TAUS DATA SUMMIT: Data, Digitisation and NMT take centre stage in the language industry.

Earlier this month, we attended the TAUS Data Summit, a virtual event focused on language [...]

“Women without rules”: mistranslations can be funny, but they can also be dangerous.

The chances are that you have been in that difficult situation abroad when you are [...]

Advancing Towards Human Challenge Studies with the SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Originally written by Robin Rogiers (Prinicipal Investigator, SGS) and published in the Journal for Clinical [...]

The Virtual Conference Format Is Improving – But Is It A Worthy Replacement?

In January 2020, Dora Wirth (Languages) Limited (DWL), attended our last face-to-face conference in Amsterdam, [...]

SMEs in the translation industry embrace a remote setup – DWL’s experience.

In 2019 Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd. (DWL) was proud to take the final steps to [...]

Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd. is growing.

Following continued growth in the field of translations for regulatory affairs and clinical research, DWL [...]

Why the Development of COVID-19 Diagnostics is Far from Over

Given the need for expanded diagnostic testing, many point-of-care tests for COVID-19 have been rapidly [...]

Typewriter font for different languages.

The Languages of UK COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Linguistic diversity in the UK It’s a commonly held belief that the British are not language [...]

How COVID-19 Didn’t Quite Change Everything

COVID-19 has changed the world in all kinds of ways. But public perceptions of clinical [...]