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Why the Development of COVID-19 Diagnostics is Far from Over

Given the need for expanded diagnostic testing, many point-of-care tests for COVID-19 have been rapidly [...]

Typewriter font for different languages.

The Languages of UK COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Linguistic diversity in the UK It’s a commonly held belief that the British are not language [...]

How COVID-19 Didn’t Quite Change Everything

COVID-19 has changed the world in all kinds of ways. But public perceptions of clinical [...]

Coronavirus and Contact Tracing Apps: The Italian Case

Overview Contact-tracing apps and technologies are a hotly debated issue with legal, medical and technological implications. The [...]

How to reduce the work involved in translating medical device artwork

A case study. Amid the global uncertainty of 2020, one of our medical device customers was [...]

eConsent in Clinical Trials

Hot on the heels of our blog post about Electronic Product Information (ePI) comes another [...]

Who manages your translation projects?

DWL is proud to have attracted and retained a fantastic team over the years. While [...]

We have navigated worse storms than this.

The year is 2020: the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted scientific research priorities worldwide, Brexit is [...]

“Translation Services – A Key Component in Successful Clinical Trials”

Reproduced from the "Journal for Clinical Studies" in which our Director for New Business Development, [...]

Tips for the reluctant remote worker

As a remote worker, I was better prepared than most for the recent instruction to stay [...]