New Arrival: Flavia Di Saverio

5 years ago

New Arrival: Flavia Di Saverio

If you blinked you could have missed most of 2015 – it’s already November!


We have so much to be thankful for this year: we enjoyed plenty of repeat business and exceeded monthly targets; began important collaborations with new and exciting clients; met our customers face-to-face at exhibitions from Berlin to Baltimore; walked nearly 2.5 million steps between us in Steptember; and as if the year could not improve any further, we are now able to welcome a new assistant project manager who will support the DWL project management team.

Please meet our new arrival: Flavia Di Saverio!


In keeping with recent tradition, we set up a little Q&A to find out what makes Flavia tick.

Enjoy reading our chat with Flavia, who is already promising to be a very valuable member of the DWL team:

DWL: Where do you call home, Flavia?

Flavia: I call home everywhere I can identify myself with what surrounds me and feel welcome. At the moment, London is definitely my home.

DWL: Which languages can you speak?

FLAVIA: I can speak Spanish, Italian, English and French, although my French is not as fluent as the previous three.

DWL: When did you perform your first ever translation and can you remember what was it about?

FLAVIA: I performed my first translation while I was attending the first year of my BA. I translated a birth certificate from Italian into Spanish for my mother’s friend, who owned a pizzeria. That was meant to be a favour, but I was paid anyway…in pizza!

DWL: What’s the worst translation mistake you ever came across before arriving at DWL?

FLAVIA: I was reading a translation from Italian into English. The text was about a town in Italy called Rimini and its inhabitants, and the translator had completely ignored a cinematographic reference related to a film by Federico Fellini, “I Vitelloni”, which was set in Rimini. This way, the translation lost an important part of its descriptive and poetic aspect.

DWL: What’s your favourite pastime?

FLAVIA: My favourite pastime activities are acting and swimming: one is a safety valve for the soul and mind, the other for releasing the energy from the body.

DWL: Will you make a new year’s resolution for 2016, and what will it be?

FLAVIA: I never make new year’s resolutions, though I have the constant goal of trying to improve myself and contribute in a positive way, whichever that is, to the lives of the people who cross my path.

DWL: Who is your hero?

FLAVIA: A hero is someone to look up to for constant inspiration, and for me Charlie Chaplin is that person. He held a deep understanding of life and experienced many of the aspects of the human condition, from poverty to loneliness and fame, and did not feel ashamed, nor kept those parts of his life hidden, portraying them in his works. He was a man who never lost his humbleness, despite his many talents, both human and artistic. As a self-educated writer, he was also very conscious of his lack of schooling. But he loved the word, and to make up for his poor knowledge of the English language, he would keep a dictionary beside him and learn a new word every day. That is the kind of person I would like to be!

Thank you, Flavia!

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