Meet the newest additions to the DWL team

6 years ago

2014 is fast becoming a huge year for Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd. as we strive to make it our most successful year to date – with an exciting new website and our upcoming move to a new location in Hammersmith, just a stone’s throw away from the Thames.

We are also very pleased to announce the arrival of two project managers to complement our existing team.

Please welcome our newest members, Marie Edwards and Eleni Andreou!

Let us take this opportunity to put our new project managers on the spot, and find out what makes them reliable additions to the DWL team:

Eleni Andreou

Eleni Andreou

Q: Where is home for you, Eleni?

A: The place where I get that warm feeling of being home is a small village by the Greek seaside. It’s called Kala Nera (which in Greek means “good waters”). This is where I grew up and where my family now spends their summer holidays. I keep going back every summer and will keep going for as long as I can.

Of course, London has treated me amazingly well over the last 4 years and, I must admit, I’ve begun to feel at home here too.

Q: Which languages do you speak?

A: I am a native speaker of Greek, and I also speak English and German fluently. I have a good understanding of Spanish; I just need a little bit of practice though, I think.

Q: When did you start working in the medical translation industry, and did your master’s degree in translation prepare you for your career as a project manager?

A: I have been working as a translation project manager for nearly 3 years and it has mainly been in the medical translation industry. My background is exclusively in translation having both a BA in the Art of Translation and an MA in Translation and the use of CAT tools. I think my studies have given me a hint of how my professional life would be. I keep building up experience and trying to get better through my everyday professional life.

Q: What qualities are you bringing to the DWL team?

A: Each one of us has been particularly chosen for their great skills and experience. I do have the experience of working within the translation divisions of two large translation organisations, and I believe that I can use my experience to drive forward DWL’s business development plans.

Q: Could you tell us about a favourite hobby of yours?

A: I love dancing and cooking. I am currently exploring the tango scene in London and trying to apply my creative skills in my new kitchen.

Q: Did you have a New Year’s resolution for 2014?

A: I do not particularly have a New Year’s resolution. My motto is always to keep learning, keep improving and be open to new challenges. DWL is a new challenge for me and I am positive that this is going to be a great year with exciting developments.


Marie Edwards

Marie Edwards

Q: Where is home for you, Marie?

A: I’m from Edinburgh originally, and have been living in West London for the past two-and-a-half years, so I guess that’s home for me now!

Q: Which languages do you speak?

A: I speak French and Spanish, having studied these languages at university and spent some time living in France and Spain. I like to have the opportunity to practice them when I can, and I also understand some German.

Q: Having worked previously in medical translation as a proofreader/editor, are you enjoying the move into project management?

A: Yes I am; it’s really nice to experience a different part of the translation process and learn some new skills. I’m also enjoying getting to know our clients and translators. Seeing a project from start to finish is really satisfying as well.

Q: What qualities are you bringing to the DWL team?

A: Having worked as a proofreader, I have a good eye for detail which is useful when doing our final quality check of translations. I also understand the potential issues that can come up in the course of a translation, so can hopefully pre-empt these. I like to keep things well organised too, which is vital as a project manager!

Q: Could you tell us about a favourite hobby of yours?

A: I really enjoy Zumba as a fun way to keep fit. I love all the Latin American music – it makes me think of sunnier places!

Q: Do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2014?

A: My New Year’s resolution is to start learning Portuguese! I really like the sound of the language and I’d love to visit Portugal, or maybe Brazil, for a holiday someday.

As our team grows, we will be able to face fresh challenges ahead. Stay tuned for news of our new offices, and a full introduction to the whole team!




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