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7 years ago

[headline]Congratulations, once again, to the winner of the latest DWL Kindle giveaway, Lama Rabadi of Hikma Pharmaceuticals![/headline]

Shortly after confirming her acceptance of this most prestigious award, Lama had to fly back to her home, and far better weather, in Jordan.

Keen to deliver the prize in as original a fashion as possible, the team at DWL sent Project Manager Craig Brown out to Jordan’s capital in order to hand the prize to Lama in person*. Jumping at the chance to follow in Indiana Jones’ footsteps (delivering the treasure, rather than stealing it), Craig headed out to make his delivery.


While on his mission, Craig explored the country a little, renting a car and searching for T.E. Lawrence’s house in the desert. He found that travelling by camel is really the only way to experience the desert like a true Bedouin, especially once his 4X4 caught a flat tyre, 10 miles from camp.

As a city, Amman is young and upcoming, best investigated on foot over a couple of days, but driving (in almost any direction) out of town can lead you to incredible places of historical and biblical significance.

Driving south through Madaba, stopping at the Dead Sea, and then on to the lost city of Petra, one cannot move for historical sites, some still in the process of being excavated. Of particular interest to Craig were the Bedouin people, many of whom still seemed to live within the rocky foothills around Petra, and herded animals across the desert by the side of the roads on the outskirts of Amman. There were of course the more entrepreneurial among them; one of whom when asked about their culture, replied: “Bedouin life is easier these days, and we have Facebook!”. Modernity beckons.

Back to the mission at hand, and it was looking increasingly difficult to locate our prize-winner since road names mean next-to-nothing to taxi drivers, but under cover of darkness one warm Jordanian evening, Lama came to meet Craig across town, where he happily completed his task by handing her the Kindle.

With Craig now back on home soil, mission accomplished, and full of pleasant memories of middle-eastern food and best intentions about learning Arabic, we wonder where our next Kindle winner will hail from. Entrants from the Caribbean are particularly welcome.



* Okay, so perhaps he was already in the area on holiday, but that doesn’t make as good a story…

Keep an eye out for DWL’s stand at future exhibitions or events to enter the next prize draw!


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